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This Registration of Interest form relates to a fee simple industrial lot subdivision, known as "Kapolei Business Park 2" (the "Project"), which is being developed at Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii, by KBP Holdings VII, L.L.C. (the "Seller"). The purpose of this form is to allow the Proposed Buyer to register an interest in the Project.

By submitting this form, the Proposed Buyer acknowledges the following:

  1. This Registration of Interest indicates the Proposed Buyer's interest in the Project and the Lot. It does not constitute an offer to sell or dispose of, or an acceptance of an offer to sell or dispose of, any interest in the Project or the Lot (at any price or on any terms). The Proposed Buyer shall not have any obligation to buy, nor shall the Seller have any obligation to sell, unless and until the Proposed Buyer and the Seller enter into a binding sales contract.
  2. This Registration of Interest may be withdrawn and canceled at any time, with or without cause, at the option of either the Proposed Buyer or the Seller, by written notice of such withdrawal and cancellation delivered to the other party.
  3. All aspects of the Project, including the purchase price for the Lot, are subject to change without notice to the Proposed Buyer until such time as a sales contract is signed by the Proposed Buyer and the Seller.

This form represents a "registration of interest" only. This is not a sales contact or a reservation agreement. This form does not give the Proposed Buyer any right to purchase the Lot or any other lot in the Project, to enter into a sales contract for the purchase of a lot, or to have the Proposed Buyer's name placed on any future reservation lists.

Scott L. Mitchell (B) SIOR
Tel: 808.523.9702

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Guy V. Kidder (B) CCIM, SIOR
Tel: 808.523.9735

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